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Friday, February 12, 2016

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Werewolf in other languages

Other terms

Many European countries and cultures have stories of werewolves. Most of the terms used have the similar proto-aryen roots. 


    France : loup-garou

    Greece : lycanthropos

    Spain : hombre lobo

    Bulgaria : varkolak, vulkodlak

    Czech Republic : vlkodlak

    Serbia : vukodlak

    Russia : oboroten, vurdalak

    Ukraine : vovkulak, vovkun, pereverten

    Croatia : vukodlak

    Poland : wilkołak

    Romania : vârcolac

    Scotland : werewolf, wulver

    England :werwolf

    Ireland :faoladh or conriocht

    Germany : Werwolf

    Denmark/Sweden : Varulv

    Galicia, Portugal : lobisón, lobisomem

    Lithuania : vilkolakis and vilkatlakis

    Latvia : vilkatis and vilkacis

    Estonia : libahunt

    Finland : ihmissusi

    Argentina : lobizón, hombre lobo

    Italy : lupo mannaro

Terminology about werewolves


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