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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

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Werewolf symbol

Before modern times, people would not wander in the wild because of the fear of animal predators. Wolves are, or were, the chief predators of many ecosystems around the world. But today, we only see wolves in zoo. People have hunted them to the brink of extinction, destroying its ecosystem.

Today our main worry about wolves is that there aren't enough of them.  Now scientists have begun careful programs to reintroduce wolves into some areas, such as a highly publicized and controversial effort in Yellowstone Park in America or Pyrénées in France.

Because the wolf remain a strong symbol that plays on both sexuality and bestiality, recent movies such as 'Twilight'  have enacted a new trend of lycans or lupus packs among teenagers. However, the werewolf subculture is nothing new and has been part of the larger therianthropes community of people who believe they actually (spiritually or physically) shift into animals.

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